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Vims academy is an established aviation and hospitality training institute based in kerala. The academy offers a range of training program’s that are structured to meet the evolving requirements of aviation and hospitality industries.

Vims ensures that the candidate will acquire the knowledge and skills for a successful career in aviation management, airline and flight operations. In both specialization, we take proper care to give hands on practical knowledge for the students by giving them the exposure to deal with real time practical assignment and training.

Why vims?

Vims academy work closely with both regional and global airline which help us to sustain as a centre for excellence in the aviation and hospitality domain. The academy also act as a hub for interview and selection procedures for opening in airlines and hospitality sector’s,The students our academy has got precedence and a higher chance to get placed

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About VIMS

We are Education, create your passion and inspiration. And hope success will come for your dream. Please send email and get latest news.