Airport Operations

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A big service specific management to ensure easier airport operation. As the volume of customers is multiplying the task of proper airport management becomes tedious, higher level of leadership skill and critical management to expertly coordinate and organize it's airport operations.

A better administered airport needs the most efficient and qualified expert in airport management to properly organise the strategies and supervise the operations concurrently. Core responsibility of prioritizing and perfectly managing the airport tasks and functionalities thereby providing better airport management where time is also given sole importance.

The best airport management expert must be groomed at the most flexible and standardised academy. We ensure the most challenging airport management course at the best academy in Kerala with internationally standardised training methodologies. A well organised and highly demanding career having a wide scope of opportunities towards a brighter future.


Airport Operations

DURATION12 Months Study 5 days/week for 2 hours/day
PREREQUISTIES12th See prerequesties in detail


Communication skill

Language has become the main boon in communication. Communication is a way of transforming information for efficient management and handling of operations. We the most prominent airport management training institute give the most lively training in airport management.

Airport operations

An on ground operation oriented training method to coordinate group staff and employees of multiple airlines to make their working easier by excellent airport management training.


An internationally accredited certificate to give a boost in building a successful career in airport management. Taking this certification gives you a wider chance in the travel and tourism industry.


The flights need to be proper ramp handling methodology for ensuring better services. We are the most authentic airport management training institute which gives prior importance to proper ramp processing.

Customer service

A well trained and demanding job with time kept in tact to maintain the services of the airport. An appropriate client management with good interpersonal skills to manage its functionality.

Cargo operations

Shipping and proper transportation training in order to provide the most appropriate area in airport management. Large cargo management and organising is handled in this session of airport management at Kochi, Trivandrum.

First Aid

A medical aid providing training for all needy customers by giving correct assistance and providing hospitality. Emergency care training is also given.


Flight attendants are given appropriate training with exceptional grooming for managing proper airport operations. A pleasant and assertive nature makes an attendant stand out and excel in their career.
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Pre - requisites

  • 12th pass or appeared, First Year or Second Year Student
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Having a pleasing personality
  • Selection will be on basis of personal interviews

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