Best Aviation Training Institute in Kerala

About Us

Vims Academy is a well-established aviation and hospitality training institute situated in Kerala. The academy provides a variety of training programs that are designed to address the increasing needs of the aviation and hospitality industries.

Vims ensures that the candidate gains the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in aviation management, airline, and flight operations. In all specializations, we take care to provide students with hands-on practical expertise by exposing them to real-world practical assignments and training.

Vims academy work closely with both regional and global airline which helps us to sustain as a center for excellence in the aviation and hospitality domain. The academy also acts as a hub for interview and selection procedures for opening in airlines and hospitality sectors. The students of our academy had got precedence and a higher chance to get placed.

What is IATA?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global trade association representing and serving the airline industry. Founded in 1945, IATA now comprises 290 airlines worldwide, making up 82% of global air traffic. It plays a crucial role in facilitating safe, secure, and sustainable air transportation by setting standards, providing training, and advocating for policies that benefit the industry as a whole. As the leading authority on aviation, IATA sets standards for airline safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers and cargo globally.

For aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike, understanding and complying with IATA regulations is essential. At VIMS, we recognize the significance of IATA's role in shaping the aviation landscape. That's why our curriculum is designed to align with IATA standards, preparing our students to excel in the dynamic and highly regulated world of aviation. From pilot training to airport operations management, we prioritize IATA guidelines to equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving aviation industry.


We are proud to be an internationally recognized and award-winning institution with a heritage of quality education going back more than 15 years.

At VIMS we have a vibrant and cosmopolitan student population. We are a modern institute that believes in nurturing our students to become educated, employable, and entrepreneurial global citizens. Your learning matters to us at VIMS. Our courses are designed to integrate the latest theoretical developments in your chosen subject area with current professional, industry or commercial practices to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills sought by employers. We continuously review and revise our courses to ensure that they maintain their currency and relevance.

You will be taught in a modern learning environment by qualified staff whose expertise is a blend of research, scholarship, and professional practice at the forefront of their subject. Many of our staff are recognized by the IATA for the quality and effectiveness of their teaching. Your learning will be supported by online materials and activities through IATA. VIMS includes a few tools available to staff and students for sharing, creating, and developing learning including a virtual learning environment. As an IATA Authorized Training Center, VIMS Aviation Academy offers specialized certificate programs recognized globally for their quality and relevance to the aviation industry. Our partnership with IATA ensures that our students receive training of the highest standard, equipping them with the expertise required to succeed in their chosen aviation career paths.